UK Open: Recap and Full Results

This year’s UK Open was potentially one of the most open PDC tournaments in recent memory. With Phil Taylor opting not to qualify and Michael van Gerwen missing out with a back injury there was a big chance for someone to stake their claim and become the first person since van Gerwen in 2012 to claim a maiden PDC major win. 


The chance of this happening started to look more likely. The FA Cup style draw threw up a third round encounter between two-time World Champion Adrian Lewis and seven-time major winner James Wade. Lewis edged the encounter 10-8 but would soon fall to a shock defeat, as Riley’s qualifier Paul Hogan also had a hand in opening up the draw.

Starting with victory over Keegan Brown, Hogan went on to beat Jamie Lewis before setting up a third round meeting with Gary Anderson. Hogan won 10-9 and then went on to knock-out Adrian Lewis in the following round to set up a last 16 encounter with Gerwyn Price, where the fairy tale run for Hogan ended.

This meant that the last 16 featured just one man who had previously won the UK Open or in fact, a PDC major. This was Raymond van Barneveld, who reached the quarter-finals with a win over Alan Tabern, who had rolled back the years to have his best run at a PDC major for some time. Peter Wright and Vincent van der Voort were the only other men in the last 16 to reach a UK Open final but the latter was beaten 10-5 by Daryl Gurney.

The quarter-finals produced some truly great darts, with three of the four encounters going to final leg shootouts. Simon Whitlock had said he believed he would win the tournament but Gurney put pay to that, coming back from 7-4 down to win 10-9. Belgian Kim Huybrechts also fell at the final hurdle, losing 10-9 to Alan Norris. Elsewhere, the wait continues for Ian White, who yet again could not get past the quarter final of a PDC major, losing his last leg decider to Price.

The only man who didn’t need a last leg decider was Wright who came through one of the greatest matches in UK Open history against Barney 10-8. The Dutchman will be wondering what he has to do to win a tournament, with his record of running into players at the top of their game continues.

Wright had been the bookies favourite all weekend but looked even more likely to lift the trophy after his performance against RvB. In truth, Gurney got a rough draw semi-final and may well have beaten either Norris or Price but Snakebite was a man on a mission and heavy scoring twinned with some good combination finishes saw him runaway with it.

Wright was to play Price in the final, as he edged out Alan Norris, who won Players Championship One last weekend. The Welshman’s remarkable transformation from rugby player to PDC star continues although Norris may well still be thinking about the three darts he missed for a 10-9 lead in the nineteenth leg.

Snakebite really carried on from where he left off against Gurney when he returned to play Price in the final. He raced into a 4-1 lead and then reeled off three straight legs to go 7-2 up. Credit to Price, who bought about a mini-revival and got the score back to 8-6 but he couldn’t live with Wright, who in truth was the stand out player all weekend. He reeled off another three legs on the spin, including an 86 finish and an 85 finish on the bull to win the title.

Snakebite, who has now appeared in three consecutive UK Open finals, became the oldest first-time winner of a PDC major and managed to put the disappointment of the last two years behind him. He takes home a check for £70,000 to go with the £35,000 he won in qualifying for the tournament, finishing first in the UK Open Order of Merit.

Full Results

Peter Wright 11-6 Gerwyn Price (Match Report)

Gerwyn Price 11-9 Alan Norris (Match Report)
Peter Wright 11-5 Daryl Gurney (Match Report)

Alan Norris 10-9 Kim Huybrechts (Match Report)
Gerwyn Price 10-9 Ian White (Match Report)
Daryl Gurney 10-9 Simon Whitlock (Match Report)
Peter Wright 10-8 Raymond van Barneveld (Match Report)

Last 16
Gerwyn Price 10-6 Paul Hogan
Alan Norris 10-6 Michael Smith
Kim Huybrechts 10-9 Joe Cullen
Peter Wright 10-6 Rob Cross
Ian White 10-3 Martin Lukeman
Simon Whitlock 10-7 William O’Connor
Raymond van Barneveld 10-7 Alan Tabern
Daryl Gurney 10-5 Vincent van der Voort

Round 4 
Daryl Gurney 10-3 Mark Webster
Alan Norris 10-5 Benito van de Pas
Raymond van Barneveld 10-3 Ron Meulenkamp
Peter Wright 10-5 Dave Chisnall
Gerwyn Price 10-4 David Pallett
Kim Huybrechts 10-1 Ted Evetts
Vincent van der Voort 10-9 Jelle Klaasen
Paul Hogan 10-6 Adrian Lewis
William O’Connor 10-6 Ronnie Baxter
Martin Lukeman 10-5 Chris Dobey
Joe Cullen 10-5 Cristo Reyes
Simon Whitlock 10-6 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Alan Tabern 10-6 John Michael
Rob Cross 10-5 Ryan Searle
Ian White 10-7 Kirk Shepherd
Michael Smith 10-8 Jermaine Wattimena

Round 3 
Simon Whitlock 10-2 Chris Quantock
Peter Wright 10-3 James Richardson
Adrian Lewis 10-8 James Wade
Paul Hogan 10-9 Gary Anderson
Daryl Gurney 10-2 Alex Roy
Chris Dobey 10-8 Kevin Painter
Joe Cullen 10-2 Robert Thornton
Jamie Caven 4-10 Dave Chisnall
Raymond van Barneveld 10-6 Barrie Bates
William O’Connor 10-3 Mick Todd
Jermaine Wattimena 10-7 Kyle Anderson
Ryan Searle 10-7 Mick McGowan
Dirk van Duijvenbode 10-5 Christian Kist
Ronnie Baxter 10-8 Darren Webster
Jelle Klaasen 10-7 Jonny Clayton
Vincent van der Voort 10-4 Ronny Huybrechts
Ian White 10-2 Paul Barham
Alan Norris 10-2 Yordi Meeuwisse
Martin Lukeman 10-9 Rob Hewson
David Pallett 10-6 Steve Beaton
Michael Smith 10-4 John Henderson
Kim Huybrechts 10-8 Brian Woods
John Michael 10-9 Brendan Dolan
Kirk Shepherd 10-8 Wayne Jones
Rob Cross 10-5 Johnny Haines
Alan Tabern 10-7 Mervyn King
Benito van de Pas 10-6 Matthew Dennant
Ted Evetts 10-5 Andrew Gilding
Mark Webster 10-9 Ross Twell
Gerwyn Price 10-5 Justin Pipe
Ron Meulenkamp 10-7 Ricky Evans

Round 2

Daryl Gurney 6-3 Ryan Palmer
Mark Webster 6-2 Stephen Bunting
Robert Thornton 6-0 Kevin Bambrick
Vincent van der Voort 6-5 James Wilson
Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Mark Barilli
Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-4 Stuart Kellett
Ted Evetts 6-3 Paul Milford
Justin Pipe 6-0 Ryan Meikle
David Pallett 6-4 Andy Jenkins
John Michael 6-5 Peter Hudson
Matthew Dennant 6-4 Zoran Lerchbacher
Paul Hogan 6-4 Jamie Lewis
Barrie Bates 6-3 Jeffrey de Graaf
Johnny Haines 6-3 Darren Johnson
Wayne Jones 6-2 Terry Jenkins
Ronnie Baxter 6-3 Richard North
William O’Connor 6-2 Steve Lennon
Andrew Gilding 6-4 Ryan Murray
Paul Barham 6-5 Scott Taylor
Mick McGowan 6-4 Dean Reynolds
Ross Twell 6-4 Joe Davis
James Richardson 6-1 Neil Smith
Ron Meulenkamp 6-4 Lee Evans
Rob Hewson 6-5 Jan Dekker
Martin Lukeman 6-5 Matt Padgett
Jonny Clayton 6-3 Mark Frost
Brian Woods 6-4 Tony Newell
Alex Roy 6-4 Dave Parletti
Jamie Caven 6-0 Ben Green
Alan Tabern 6-3 James Carroll
Jermaine Wattimena 6-2 Devon Petersen
Yordi Meeuwisse 6-4 Jonathan Worsley

Round 1

Jamie Caven 6-3 Dan Read
James Richardson 6-4 Antonio Alcinas
Ron Meulenkamp 6-1 Ting Chi Royden Lam
Paul Hogan 6-3 Keegan Brown
Mark Frost 6-4 Jamie Bain
Wayne Jones 6-5 Lee Bryant
Alex Roy 6-1 Kevin Edwards
Dean Reynolds 6-2 Andy Roberts
Ryan Murray 6-5 John Ferrell
Alan Tabern 6-4 Scott Robertson
Johnny Haines 6-0 Wayne Morris
Rob Hewson 6-4 Ritchie Edhouse
Joe Davis 6-2 Paul Harvey
Yordi Meeuwisse 6-4 Martin Biggs
James Carroll 6-3 Brandon Walsh
Paul Barham 6-4 Brett Claydon
James Wilson 6-4 Gary Eastwood
Darren Johnson 6-5 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Paul Milford 6-3 Brian Dawson
Tony Newell 6-4 Mark Layton
Kevin Bambrick 6-5 Nicky Bell
Ben Green 6-4 Darryl Pilgrim
Lee Evans 6-5 Andrew Davidson
Jonathan Worsley 6-4 Dave Prins
Brian Woods 6-3 Damian Smith
Neil Smith 6-4 Steve Maish
Ryan Meikle 6-3 Vincent Kamphuis
Dave Parletti 6-2 Gareth Pass
Matt Padgett 6-2 Paul Cartwright
Ronnie Baxter 6-5 Paul Rowley
Jonny Clayton 6-1 Jimmy McKirdy
Jermaine Wattimena 6-1 Kai Fan Leung