Free Wenger: Arsenal Close In On Flamini

Following the Frenchman’s release from AC Milan, Mathieu Flamini began training with Arsenal purely to keep up his fitness whilst finding a new club. However, a cryptic clue from Wenger this morning could imply that the arrangement is more serious than it first appeared. Wenger was quoted this morning as saying “I don’t say there’s no chance and I don’t say there is a chance” which shows that whilst he doesn’t confirm an interest in signing Flamini he more importantly doesn’t deny it. Furthermore, his previous comments still illustrate a fondness for his forming player as he said “He is just here to work on his fitness and he does that very well”. Both have fuelled speculation that he is about to sign a one-year contract with the club he left 5 years ago.

If his interest is confirmed and Flamini does return to Arsenal it could cause further frustration for Arsenal fans as he would become only the second signing of this summer and the second signing to take the form of a free transfer. Furthermore, whilst his experience would provide useful guidance for the midfield and cover for the injury hit squad, it would still leave fans puzzled as to why the defence and striking options haven’t been strengthened. It may just serve as a desperate attempt to cling onto the past success Wenger has experienced at Arsenal and not an attempt to recreate that success via fresh talent. Certainly though, it is not the marque signing that arsenal fans crave and doesn’t reassure fans about their ability to succeed this season.

By Alex Knight (theknightlyblog)


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