‘Le Sulk’ strikes again: Anelka walks out


Famous for his fiery temper, today came the latest saga in the roller-coaster career of Nicolas Anelka but it appears the end of his journey may be neigh. It is believed that Anelka emptied his locker at West Brom’s training ground and has vowed never to play for the club or potentially football again. This comes just 49 days after joining the club as a free agent and will come as a huge blow to West Brom as the signing of Anelka on a free appeared a bargain following a promising pre-season for the club and a good performance on his debut. He brings immense experience to the club and has scored goals throughout his career, across the world, providing a good replacement for Lukaku who was so crucial to their success last year.

It has been suggested that whilst this comes as a surprise to fans, it has been something Anelka has been considering since making his debut and could be triggered by a personal tragedy, reportedly the death of his agent.

An imminent end to the saga is unlikely though, as Anelka won’t be in the squad for Saturday’s game against Everton, as the club confirmed they “have excused the striker from club duty on compassionate grounds” leaving selection problems for manager Steve Clarke. Furthermore, talks between the two parties have stalled with them unable to meet an amicable conclusion, suggesting that it may take a change of heart on Anelka’s side to resolve the issue.

Currently though, it appears that Anelka’s wish to end his career at West Brom may come true quicker than expected and Clarke will now face a busy few days attempting to sign a replacement for the 34-year-old Frenchman.

By Alex Knight (theknightlyblog)


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